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Daniel taught Maths at Eton College and is a highly experienced Maths and Physics online tutor. We were impressed at interview with his attention to detail when tutoring and personalised resources he supplies to his students.

I teach: 
GCSE Maths, GCSE Physics, AS/A Level Maths, AS/A Level Physics, IB Maths, IB Physics
I also teach: 
Further Maths, Maths, Physics, Spanish, Thinking Skills Assessment
Mathematics and Physics applied to Oceanography, MSc and PhD in Physical Oceanography
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, USA
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I am a full-time, self-employed, online-only professional tutor, experienced in one-to-one education and dedicated to long-term student support, with a level of effective and genuine personalised attention that cannot be achieved in a school environment or by nonvocational tutors.

Since I started tutoring online in 2008, I have helped students from over 20 countries with different cultural backgrounds, personalities and abilities. This rich experience allows me to welcome and empathise with any new students.

Since I joined Keystone in March 2012, I've been selected to tutor 300 students to whom I've given 3,752 hours of online tuition (up to April 2018).

I've been acknowledged by Keystone in the 2016 Summer Newsletter as online tutor supremo and asked if I could to contribute to the Training Programme for Professional Tutors.

For over 25 years, I have been involved in academia as a research scientist studying the physics of marine environments through mathematical methods and computer programming. (Google: Glorioso Oceanography Patagonian-shelf Antarctica)

Maths and Physics: 11+ to 16+ CE, non-CE and Scholarship, I/GCSE and A-level (all examination boards), Cambridge-CIE Pre-U and IB (MYP 1 to 4, pre-Diploma and Diploma SL & HL)
American SAT Reasoning and Subject (Maths and Physics), ACT and UKMT tests
University admission tests: MAT, PAT, TSA, BMAT and IMAT

Eton College, taught Maths (blocks F, E, C and B) and tutored in Physics (2014)
St James Senior Boys’ School, taught Maths (years 8, 9 and 13) (2012)
Bisham Abbey Tennis Academy, Director of Education (2010) (helped great young players, e.g. Megan Forster, Kyle Edmund and Jack Molloy, with Maths, Physics and American SAT)

Previous students received offers from Westminster (Queen's Scholarship), Charterhouse (Scholarship), Rugby (Scholarship), Radley (Scholarship), Winchester, Hampton, City of London, St. Paul's Girls, Wellington, Harrodian, Kingston Grammar, Uppingham, Brighton, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks.

All students progressed significantly at school, excelled at exams or went to their first-choice university (e.g. Berkeley-USA, Imperial College, York, Warwick and Ulster universities).

Experience also includes preparing a student who achieved two CIE-IGCSE “A” grades in Maths and Physics when he was only 13 and 15 years old, respectively, as well as tutoring online students whilst they were boarding, e.g. at Aiglon, Eton, Sevenoaks, Cheltenham Ladies', Rugby, Windermere, Roedean, Malvern, Brighton, St Mary’s (Calne) and Concord College.

---------- DEGREES (see graduate courses at the end of the page):
Ph.D. in Marine Science (Applied Maths and Physics), College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, USA), with research assistantship and tuition fellowship awarded by W&M
Two M.Sc. degrees in Physical Oceanography (Bangor, UK, and Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Post-graduate courses: “Flow instability, Chaos and Turbulence” at Newton Institute (U. of Cambridge) and “Satellite Oceanography” at RSMAS (U. of Miami, USA)

---------- Virtual Classroom:
I tutor on the WizIQ virtual classroom with Skype for audio & video, connected via 75Mbps fibre-optic broadband, with two 2016 MacBook Pro laptops and Wacom pen tablets.


My great-grandparents emigrated from Italy (Torino and Positano) to South America at the dawn of the 20th century.

My great-grandparents emigrated from Italy (Torino and Positano) to South America at the dawn of the 20th century. And even though I cannot prove ancestry, the mathematician and astronomer Giovanni Glorioso (1572-1643), who succeeded Galileo Galilei in the Chair of Mathematics at Padua University, and Galileo Ferraris (1847-1897), the physicist who invented the AC electric motor (patented by N. Tesla, who failed to prove invention), have always been a source of inspiration in my family.

I followed a career as research scientist in Mathematics and Physics applied to Oceanography in Argentina, UK, USA and Canada, which culminated in a summer in Antarctica as senior oceanographer for the British Antarctic Survey (Cambridge). Then I decided to dedicate my time exclusively to tutoring - a highly meaningful and rewarding way of helping students achieve their best through educational experiences which, many times, are truly life-changing.

Sports I practiced include sailing, rugby and golf. Related to sailing, I once implemented a mathematical model of the SW Atlantic that produced information on ocean currents used by the navigators on the 1997-98 Volvo Ocean Race, as well as in the Falkland Islands’ offshore oil-spill contingency plan designed to protect the marine environment.

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Personal Approach: 

My approach is based on effective communication and periodic feedback, providing the students with a sense of positive personal interaction, increased self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-regulation. These are characteristics that lead to success in and beyond school.

My approach is based on effective communication and periodic feedback, providing the students with a sense of positive personal interaction, increased self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-regulation. These are characteristics that lead to success in and beyond school.

It begins with assessing the students’ academic strengths and weaknesses, and follows by developing a working relationship with them to ensure the desired outcome, matching lessons with their learning style by introducing material in the format best suited to them and thus enhancing their learning process. A fundamental component is to assess continuously the speed at which a student works and adapt the speed of the lesson accordingly.

Regardless of the level of the students, I help them with Maths and Physics from the fundamental to the more advanced topics, e.g. from fractions to calculus and from Newton’s Laws to quantum phenomena, with the same degree of passion and dedication.

In all my lessons, I emphasise the use of metacognition (thinking about thinking), knowing that planning, monitoring and evaluation – the essential metacognitive skills – help pupils progress towards their goals, whilst they receive feedback and their plans can be re-evaluated periodically. For example, in a maths lesson about speed, distance and time in a river, pupils could imagine themselves boating upstream or downstream, and therefore understand a problem better. Or in physics, we would use computer simulations to analyse electric circuits. Imagining or visualising situations like these help students with dyslexia, as I have found from experience.

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What I do when not tutoring: 

Listening to baroque music and blackbirds singing in the garden at twilight. Reading, thinking or walking by the Thames (Hurley-Bisham) to blow the cobwebs away.

Listening to baroque music and blackbirds singing in the garden at twilight. Reading, thinking or walking by the Thames (Hurley-Bisham) to blow the cobwebs away.


---------- 11+ to 14+ CE and scholarship exams ----------
• Keystone: ''Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5, Online Classroom Experience: 5 of 5 - Great class!" (feedback from Queen's Scholarship Maths online student, France, 2018)
• Keystone: ''We would be delighted for you to work with our son, he loved the trial session and really clicked with you!" (parents of Maths online scholarship student after his first-ever online session, UK, 2018)
• Keystone: ''Daniel's support was invaluable and made a world of difference in the run up to the exams. Daniel very quickly assessed my son's weak areas and focused on them, building his confidence and problem-solving skills. The Maths grades (A in both Maths 2 and Maths 3 scholarship papers) speak for themselves. Thank you.'' (mother of a Queen's Scholar, Westminster School, Maths online student, UK, 2017)
• Keystone: ''Dear Daniel, just to let you know both my twin sons got into Winchester. Many thanks for having been a great tutor. It is indeed great news.'' (mother of 13+ Maths online students, Dubai, 2017)
• Keystone: ''I have just passed the Winchester exam and would like to thank you for going through the more recent papers with me. Thank you also for helping me find an easier way to pass the exams.'' (13+ Maths online student, Hong Kong, 2017)
• Keystone: ''My daughter really enjoyed her lesson with you on Saturday. She described Pythagoras' Theorem to me very well and explained how you had shown her what the Theorem means in geometric terms and how she could calculate the length of the third side of a right-angled triangle, given the lengths of the other two sides. Thank you! It is good to see her enthused about her maths!'' (mother of 13+ Maths online student, UK, 2016)
• Keystone: ''I am very grateful to you and would like to share with you the great news (we have just received the emails): our son has been awarded two academic scholarships, from both Rugby and Radley! Thank you very much for your time and support!'' (mother of 13+ Maths online student, Hong Kong, 2016)
• Keystone: ''Daniel, thank you so much, your tutoring was indeed a great experience! Our son is very happy and so are we!!!! (he received an offer from Wellington College)'' (father of 14+ Maths online student, France, 2015)
• Keystone: ''We found out today that our daughter got into Sevenoaks. She was even invited to sit for the Scholars’ exam. So, a very big thank you from all of us to you for your help and support.'' (father of 13+ Maths online student, Hong Kong, 2014-2015)
• Keystone: ''What an amazing experience that internet classroom brought to my son tonight. After the class, my son told me he likes Daniel so much and he wants to continue to study with him. Thank you so much to Daniel for all his help.'' (mother of 13+ Maths online student, Hong Kong, 2014-2015)
• Keystone: ''Dear Daniel, today is our happiest day ever - my son has been admitted by Tonbridge School. I want to say many thanks for your great help and for teaching our son. His success would have not happened without your help. We as parents want to show our gratitude to you and I don't know what to say to describe my feelings.'' (parents of 13+ Maths online student, Hong Kong, 2014-2015)
• Keystone: ''Thank you very much for your support for my son. He got the Academic Scholarship to Charterhouse!'' (mother of 13+ Maths online student, Japan, 2013-2014)
• Keystone: ''Daniel is an amazing teacher with extensive knowledge. He has helped me with Math as well as exam techniques and logical thinking for my place at Brighton College. He teaches systematically with innovative teaching aids like diagrams, real-life implications and PowerPoint slides. He spends a lot of time in making sure that I understand the concepts of the problems as well as spotting out my weak points and fixing them up. His teaching has helped me get into my desired school in England and I have to admit that Daniel’s lessons have become the highlight of my school week!'' (13+ Maths online male student, New Zealand and Hong Kong, 2013)
• Keystone: ''You have helped me hugely, I am so grateful for all the time and effort you put in teaching me Maths, and like I said it was the first time I was able to enjoy Maths. I will try my best from now to always do the best in school and what ever I do and thank you for also helping me build up my confidence in test papers and obviously the subject of Maths. I hope you carry on helping many students achieve everything you helped me achieve and possibly more.'' (13+ Maths online female student, UK, 2012-2013)

---------- I/GCSE and 16+ exams ----------
• Keystone: “Thanks so much for today, my daughter thought you were amazing! And that you explained it all so clearly that she now thinks she will be able to remember it forever.” (mother of IGCSE Maths and Physics online student, Singapore, 2018)
• Keystone: ''Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5, Online Classroom Experience: 5 of 5" (feedback from IGCSE Maths and Physics student after her first-ever online session, Russia, 2018)
• Keystone: ''Hey Daniel I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for working with me and my maths and helping me prepare for the 16+ exams. I'm happy to tell you that I have received offers from Westminster, City of London and St. Paul's and I don't think I could have achieved this without your mentoring. Again, thank you so much and best wishes! (16+ Maths online female student, UK, 2017)
• Keystone: ''We were so pleased to see how happy she was after her lesson. She is really engaged and joyful. Thank you so much it is a delight for us to see that. She really looks forward to your lessons! (parents of IGCSE Maths and Physics online student with dyslexia, UK, 2017)
• Keystone: ''Daniel is a kind and enormously experienced and professional online tutor in Maths and Physics. My son considers that Daniel is by far the best teacher he has ever had in these subjects. Daniel´s approach is bespoke, personable, methodical and evidently successful! In short, Daniel is a truly first-class tutor.'' (father of online student who achieved two CIE-IGCSE ''A'' grades when he was only 13 years old in Maths and just 15 in Physics, Chile and Spain, 2014 - 2017)
• Other: ''Thank you so much. He got A* on CIE-IGCSE Physics and a predicted D2 in Pre-U.'' (mother of IGCSE and Pre-U Physics online student at Winchester College, 2015-2018)
• Keystone: ''Thank you so much for enabling me to be accepted to all of my 4 schools (Rugby, Wellington, Shrewsbury and Cheltenham). I am very proud of this achievement, it really wouldn’t have been possible without your excellent teaching!'' - UPDATE: Thank you so much, I got the only A* in my class and couldn't have done it without you! (IGCSE Maths result received)'' (16+ Maths online female student, Saudi Arabia, 2015-2016)
• Keystone: ''Just letting you know that our daughter received an A in additional maths, which was the highest grade possible. Pretty fantastic considering her mark in her mocks was a D. Many thanks for your work with her. We are delighted with the outcome.'' (parents of GCSE Maths online student, Cayman Islands and UK, 2016)
• Other: ''I learn more Physics with you in one hour than I learn at school in one year.'' (IGCSE and Pre-U Maths and Physics online student at Winchester College, 2015)
• Keystone: ''We just wanted to say thank you for all the help that you have given our son. We have seen not only a big improvement in his Maths but also in his confidence and belief that he can tackle Maths and all his other subjects well.'' (parents of GCSE Maths online student, UK, 2013-2016)
• Other: ''Thank you for helping me with my preparations for my exam. Today I got a letter from Westminster; they have invited me to the interview.'' UPDATE: offer made by Westminster School and accepted (16+ Maths online female student, Belarus, 2015)
• Keystone: ''Clearly the work with Daniel paid off!! - My son got 100% in his recent Maths test.'' (Mother of IGCSE Maths online student at Aiglon College, Greece/Switzerland, 2015)
• Keystone: ''I got a B in Maths and I was only two points off an A! Without your help I was getting an E, so thank you!!'' (IGCSE Maths online female student, Italy, 2015)
• Keystone: ''Daniel has been teaching our son for the past two months, via the online tutoring method, in preparation for his IGSCE Maths exam this May. Daniel's infinite patience and kind encouragement helped our son clarify the fundamental concepts and regain his confidence in Maths. He now looks forward to his sessions with Daniel and is even contemplating taking AS Maths later on so we wanted to thank Daniel very much indeed for all his help.'' (parents of IGCSE Maths and Physics online student at Eton College, UK, 2014-2015). UPDATE: ''Today is the results day, and I just got mine back. Maths was an A*, with 85% in both papers. Physics was an A, but only six marks away from the A* boundary. I am absolutely thrilled with both of these results, especially given my confidence and predictions just a few months ago. I am most grateful for your kind help and support.'' (IGCSE Maths and Physics online student at Eton College, UK, 2014-2015)
• Keystone: ''I very much enjoyed working with Daniel, I feel very comfortable with him. He seemed very open, willing and helpful. We started working together on new topics and everything is clear, I really like his way of teaching.'' (16+ Maths online female student, Italy, 2014)
• Keystone: ''Daniel was a perfect match for my son as he really helped build his confidence and keep his attention for the full 2-hour sessions every day. The tutoring online worked out perfectly too. Having had a few Maths tutors in our time - I can confidently say that I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for help to boost confidence and knowledge and do all of this whilst we were in a completely different country from him!'' (mother of GCSE Maths online student at Aiglon College, Canada/Switzerland, 2013-2014)

---------- A-level and IB Programme ----------
• Keystone: ''Daniel has been a very patient and well experienced teacher of AS/A2 Level Maths. He has explained every detail clearly to me and I have learnt a lot from him. I really enjoyed having lessons with him!'' (A-level Maths online female student, UK, 2014-2015)
• Other: ''We would like to express our sincere thank you for your help with my son's A levels - he has been confirmed a place in the Imperial College London Dept. of Physics.'' (parents of A-level Maths and Physics online student, UK, 2013-2014)
• Keystone: ''Daniel has been very helpful to my daughter, giving her back her love of Maths.'' (mother of IB Maths online student, Bahamas, 2013-2014). UPDATE: ''I just wanted to check in and say thank you for all the awesome help you gave me in IB Math. I'm halfway through my sophomore year at Pomona College where I'm majoring in Biology.'' (IB Maths online student, Bahamas, 2013-2014)
• Keystone: ''I am very thankful for the help that Daniel has given me in OCR-MEI mechanics. I had no understanding of the topic prior to my tuition and Daniel really assisted me in building my knowledge of the subject and technique for answering the exam questions. The tutorials built my confidence and I did better than I had initially thought possible in my exam!'' (A-level Maths online female student, UK, 2013)
• Keystone: ''Daniel was a fantastic teacher, and in only 3 sessions helped me transform my Mechanics 1 mark from C to A. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the subject.'' (A-level Maths online/residential student at Eton College, UK, 2012)
• Other: ''The first time I took Maths AS I was not well prepared and got ''U''s in C1, C2 and M1. Then I started studying with Daniel and got three ''A''s after just two months of hard work.'' (A-level Maths and Physics male student, Spain, 2009-2010)
---------- Home schooling ----------
• Other: ''Daniel has been an excellent teacher and tutor to my 12-year-old daughter whilst she was home schooled. His knowledge and life experiences make him a great teacher who makes learning interesting. He brings the subjects he teaches to life by using practical applications to the lessons. I know my daughter has really enjoyed being taught by him and listening to stories of his adventures. His feedback and communication back to us as parents is the best I have experienced and my daughter has flourished under his guidance.'' (parent of high performance tennis player KS3 home-schooling tutee, UK, 2010-2012)

Ph.D. – College of William & Mary, USA:

Physical Oceanography, Computing and Programming, Estuarine Hydrodynamics I and II, Geostatistics, Remote Sensing, Chemical Oceanography, Geological Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Dissertation (thesis available at the U.S. Library of Congress).

M.Sc. – University of Wales at Bangor (Bangor University), UK:

Elementary Dynamics, Chemistry of Sea Water, Further Dynamics, Applied Sonar, Waves I and II, Underwater Acoustics, Numerical Modelling, Sediment Transport A and B, Tides, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence and Mixing, Advanced Dynamics, Theory of Measurement, Shelf Sea Structure and Circulation, Practice of Measurement, Dissertation (thesis available at Bangor University).

M.Sc. – Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA), Argentina:

Mathematics I to V, Mathematical Methods, Physics I to IV, Mechanics, Probability and Statistics, Computing, Geometry, Chemistry I and II, General Electronics, Stability, Physical Oceanography I, II and III, Navigation, Fluid Mechanics, Underwater Sound Propagation, Marine Geophysics, Marine Chemistry, Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Meteorology for Oceanography, Instruments and Equipment, Technical Drawing, Coastal Engineering.