Our Approach to Tutor Selection

Only the best tutors produce the best results. Here at ARCH, over 70% of our tutors have studied at Oxford, Cambridge and other top institutions. We have a highly competitive screening process, accepting less than 10% of tutor applicants!

ARCH has an exclusive agreement with Keystone Tutors for the provision of online tutors who are experts in the Common Entrance, i/GCSE, A-Level and IB. Through this partnership we can ensure families across Asia have access to the highest quality tutors in the UK. Before becoming a tutor, candidates need to undergo the following:

  • Background Check: ARCH verifies the tutor’s qualifications through references or enhanced DBS.
  • Interviews: Our Director of Education and assessment team conduct multiple rounds of interviews to evaluate candidates' academic and teaching ability as well as character.
  • Mock Assessments: Candidates sit through assessments to evaluate their academic knowledge and skills as well as conduct mock lessons to evaluate their effectiveness in lesson planning and delivery.
  • Comprehensive Training: Our tutors gain access to our tutor training program on topics ranging from general teaching pedagogy to subject specific training, mostly delivered by preeminent teachers who are leaders of the top UK independent schools.

Please note: Subject to experience and availability, our tutor rates range from HKD 600–1200 per hour.