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  • Each client will be requested to fill in information regarding the academic goals and any specific requirements you may have. Our dedicated Client Manager will help match a tutor that fits your schedule and, more importantly, your specific academic needs.

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  • In just 48-72 hours, our Client Manager will email you a selection of tutor profile(s) for you to review and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Note: Subject to tutor experience and availability, our rates range from HKD 960–1,250. For clients interested in UK aptitude tests for university applications (e.g. LNAT, UKCAT, BMAT etc.), please contact our Client Manager at for more details on University Consultation package pricing.

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  • Note: To make online tutoring as effective as possible, we strongly recommend that you use a headset and make sure your location has reliably fast broadband speeds.