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What do we do? Here at ARCH, we use our combined 30+ years of experience in educational and school admissions guidance to identify our students’ passion and strengths. With our global network of 80+ counselors, we leverage our comprehensive platform to tailor the best pathway for students to maximize options.

How do we do this? With holistic guidance, we counsel families who are looking for the necessary support and advice regarding integrated school and university options through multi-regional guidance, our range of skills enhancements including enrichment programs, bespoke courses and/or tutoring.


Each child is unique in what (s)he can offer. As your child’s educational partner, we see beyond grades, test scores and extra-curricular activities. Through our educational guidance, we bring out the best in every student, whether it is boarding school, university and/or graduate studies (engineering, medicine, business, law or the arts) in the UK or US. 


Having an elite global team also enables ARCH to offer a unique value proposition: why not apply to schools located in multiple countries, and pick from a broader range of acceptances? ARCH’s unique Multi-Regional Strategy provides strategic guidance, enrichment and tutoring for students interested in pursuing the best academic opportunities in the UK, US, and HK.


From HK to the UK and US, ARCH is able to offer something that few competitors can – access to our counselors based in different time zones, which enables students to receive timely global support.


We pride ourselves on building a global network, with counselors based in the UK and the US. With annual school visits and discussions with admissions offices, this on-the-ground support ensures that you understand the latest school programs, offerings and trends.


ARCH takes immense pride in its ability to attract and retain top talent for our various guidance, enrichment and tutoring services. All ARCH personnel in guidance, enrichment and tutoring roles have studied at top universities, including Oxbridge (UK) and the Ivy League (US).